Forth Chicago and letting go, 4 years later.

In summer 2013, Lisa Guillot, the incredibly talented designer who made my website all pretty and Paige-like, invited me to be part of a "seasonal salon" she and two other women were hosting. It was called Forth, and it was my introduction to a group of women I'm humbled to find myself among every day. Collectively, we are creatives — writers, designers, photographers, Etsy shop owners — single women, mothers, of all ages and from throughout Chicagoland. I met our wedding photographer and good friend, Kelly Allison, through Forth (she's one of the three founders), too. The third founder is Julie Schumacher, a gorgeous person and kindred spirit if I've ever met one.

Earlier this month, they approached me to write a blog for the Forth website about my seemingly constant back-and-forth between full-time office work, freelance writing, entrepreneurship and everything else I find myself doing. Of course, I said yes.

It went live today…

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