Tiny towers, Xavier and a plea to read my writing elsewhere.


Yeah, I redesigned my website and immediately started writing…for someone else. On a different site.What of it?

Guys, life. It's kind of a lot to contend with lately. Between looking for full-time work (monkey bars be damned), beginning training for a 200-mile bike ride, keeping up with client writing in a feeble attempt not to get evicted, building an epic skyscraper in Tiny Tower, and trying not to kill my cat, who has time for all that other writing?

I want to write about my job search and why I'm returning to 9-to-5. (Spoiler alert: It's not entirely financially motivated, though I'd be lying if I denied that entirely…) I want to tell you about watching The Shawshank Redemption for the first time. I want to dissect a book I'm reading called Shanghai Girls. I want to rant about the know-nothing, sagging, sad sacks of pasty white flesh currently passing for Republican presidential hopefuls.

But instead, I'm going to send you to someone else's website. tlt_Icon_sq_whI started writing this month for a fantastic stuff-to-do-in-Chicago site called The Local Tourist, which was created by Theresa Carter, a lovely lady I'm proud to call a friend. Somehow I wound up volunteering to write about theater, which was great until I realized I don't know the first thing about it. (Apparently, dating a theater student of dubious sexual orientation — who changed his middle name to Xavier somewhere along the line and is now married to a woman, so I guess…well… — for two years in college does not automatically qualify you to write about all things thespian.) But I'm having fun with it. Especially because I've gotten to see two shows so far for free. Which is amazing, considering every trip to Starbucks puts my credit score in jeopardy. So. Some links: My introduction: Doing it wrong. Come Fly Away: Sinatra gets down and dirty! The Trocks: Dude looks like a lady.

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