A facelift! (Also, Baby Jesus!)

"I'm sick of the sight of this place. Sometimes I'm afraid I'll go berserk, throw the Country A-K rack out into the street, and go work in a Virgin Megastore and never come back."

Oh, Rob Gordon. You get me.


I, too, am sick of the sight of this place…and by this place, I mean my website. I did all right for a while, making a serviceable home for myself on the Internet with little more than the Thesis framework and some really narcissistic photographs, but the white background is looking a bit too sterile, and honestly, I could do with a little less Paigeface in my face. Dammit, it's time to grow up.

So I'm making an investment in myself — and, lord help me, my brand — to kick off 2012: I've hired my good friend Matt Chevy of Proof Branding, a Nashville-based branding agency, to give paigeworthy.com a foxy new look.

And I tell myself that with that new design will come a renewed commitment to more consistent posting in 2012. Not just long, rambling essays about babies, my cat or the life-changing meal I had, but also about the people I meet, the books I'm reading (I'm in the middle of I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley, and it's making me want to stop writing altogether), the food I'm cooking (chances are, it won't change lives), the glorious things I run across on the Internet (there will be cat videos), and a bigger focus in general on the work I'm doing.

Yeah, work. Right?

It's odd thinking of this site as anything but a blog, but I'm a full-time professional writer now, and it's time for this dumb site to reflect that, too. So there's that.


A couple more essays in the works — and by "in the works" I mean "living in my head as tiny, stupid ideas" — before the new year, including a recap of my second-ever major shindig and why I will never, ever invite 50 people to a party assuming three-quarters of them will RSVP no. (Spoiler alert: Because they won't.)

Aaaaaaaand, next Sunday is Christmas. I don't even know how that happened. I abandon my kitten one last time a week from Wednesday to spend a week in Kansas City — and, shortly after Baby Jesus arrives, introduce Tim to my family — and if you never hear from me again…well, now you know why.

(SPOILER ALERT: Because I killed everyone and was apprehended in East St. Louis.)


So until then…


Okay. Bye.