Sometimes other people let me post things on their websites.

Klout Kittens

This is foolish, and a mistake.But I won't let on.

My first post went up today on a site called 12 Most. (You will notice that each post revolves around the very clever concept of "The 12 most…") My excellent friends Sean McGinnis and Dan Newman started it (apparently after a few gin and tonics), and while most of the entries revolve around business, marketing, social media and other things I can only carry on short, generalized conversations about, there's also a lifestyle section.

And lord knows I can write ad nauseam (and have!) about lifestyle. Particularly relationships. So here's a link to that post, "12 Most Common 'Uhhhh…' Moments on OKCupid."

In other news no one cares about, I sat on a rooftop today and had some sausage for lunch. And my Klout score went up from 69 to 75. Between my rooftop lunch and my chai latte just now. Which is pretty meaninglessly amazing. (Remember when the Chicago Tribune called me influential and it totally went to my head? [Let's see how many times I can reference that already outdated article in one week.])

My friend Marcy made a really great Photoshop graphic to go along with this exciting news. It's us as cats. Obviously. And you can decide what the rest of it means. I'll be over there having a lemon-ginger martini to kick off the weekend.

Best wishes, Party Girl