A post where I promise to post.

Nerd alert!

I spent the weekend at WordCamp Chicago, an event for WordPress bloggers and developers — mostly, people much more tech-savvy than me. I won't say smarter, because…well, I won't. I was there, and I won't say that. (I also won't say "more tech-savvy than I," because it sounds horrifically stuck-up, and there just are some things that may be correct but will never seem right.)

I came home just buzzing with inspiration for the great things I'm going to do with my website, which is built on WordPress — fancier menus! CSS! custom sidebars! pretty, dammit! — then plopped down on the sofa, stared at my admin dashboard and just wanted to cry. Because for all the fantastic ideas I came away with this weekend, I'm actually nowhere near the proficiency I need to do anything with them. (Instant gratification, meh.)

So, knowing my DVR-operation skills were still more than up to snuff, I made a quick dinner and turned on Pretty Woman. Presented with limited commercial interruptions by TBS and some really great advertiser whose commercials I fast-forwarded through. (Instant gratification, yay!)


But as I sat there watching Julia Roberts do her "hooker with a heart of gold" thing, all bubbly and glorious, with her blindingly white teeth and cascading red hair, I kept getting distracted thinking how neat my summer has been. Neat. So I paused the movie and pondered with my cat instead.

There are so many things I've done, so many people I've spent time with that I don't even know how to include here because they dovetail nicely with my bittersweet narrative about life and love, or impart some wisdom I've gather from the little moments in my days.

I haven't written about all the great meals, the wild weekends, the random weeknights spent catching up with friends, the man I dated for a few short weeks before I (yet again) flipped out and decided I wasn't ready for…whatever. I don't write about the networking events, the crossword puzzles, the commutes downtown spent staring out the windows or waving at babies.

Actually, I'm not sure what people who read this blog and only this blog could possibly think of me. People who don't know me in person, aren't friends with me on Facebook and don't follow me on Twitter. Contrary to what makes it to this site, my life is not pure melodrama in 800-word bursts.

And I don't write about all that other stuff in part because it doesn't fit in with the "aesthetic," but I also don't write about it because I just don't have the energy to pour my heart into every little thing in the way I do my other writing.

But that needs to change. I need to take the time to talk about the things I do, the communities I'm involved in, the kickin' people I meet. I want to get back to documenting the crazy meals I eat — because writing about them might distract people from the food baby. I can't keep all this goodness to myself! (Also, I'm getting a little sick of writing about boys, especially when I can't write awful things about OKCupid dates because they can all find me here! Because I was an idiot when I signed up for my account and used my real name! Exclamation marks!)

Even if I can't make the menus fancier or change my sidebars up right away, I can work on adding content that makes me happy and that y'all might want to read.

Does this mean my blog is jumping the shark? No. Will you still read? I don't know. Do I care either way? Umm, yes.

But I'm going to do it anyway. Because I'm in love with my life, and I don't care who knows it! I'm king of the world! I have KLOUT! (Also, because I'm more than a little weird and can't contain it for much longer.)

Pretty Woman can wait, but this can't.


So…democracy! Please help me choose who (whom would be correct, but…I'll come full circle and say that's just ridiculous) to write about first:

  • Mario, a CTA employee at my Brown Line stop who makes my day, without fail
  • Jill Salzman, an all-around rock star and my professional crush, who I finally met at the SPARK Women half-day conference last week
  • Esteban, a server at Lady Gregory's whose shenanigans helped me forget I was feeling ill from overstuffing myself until I finished dessert

And because I want you to know the real me? Here's a video of a live-action Pac-Man terrorizing people in public places.