I wish…

…that you'd visit I Wish Lessons' website and check out the first blog I wrote for them.Yes, I do.

It's going to be a weekly thing for me, like a column. (Why anyone sees me as an authoritative voice on anything is beyond me, but…I'll take it. Well, I guess I'm an authority on wanting things, so…) It will likely be less about cats and boys and more about… Other things.

Wait, what else is there? Oh, right. Food and culture and life in general.

If you read that blog, you'll not only get an extra dose of Paige Worthy every week, but you'll also learn about fun things to do in Chicago and have the opportunity to DO THEM WITH ME. Wow. Neat, right?

Pretty soon, I'm going to have you running all over the Internet to keep up with me. I am so loving this.