Listen to me read!

Tired of just stalking me online?Guess what! Now you can come watch me in person!

I'm doing a reading this Saturday, Dec. 4 at Ricochet's Tavern in Lincoln Square. It starts at 3 p.m. The event is called The Paper Machete, a salon in a saloon. It's kind of a…live magazine. Very smart, very funny, very talented-in-general Chicago writers and performers talk about relevant things in a clever way. And I'll be there, too. Goin' on about science. Because I worked for a horticultural magazine, and apparently knowing a lot of Latin botanical names and the basic workings of greenhouse production qualifies me to talk like an egghead in front of a bunch of strangers.

Oh, God.

So. Come see how much better I look in photographs than in person. Come feel short, because I'm always much taller than everyone thinks. Come see me make a lot of other performers look great on stage. Come drink beer — they have Stella. I'll even let you buy me some.

Here's an event listing on Facebook! Let me know if you'll be there. And don't be a stranger, dammit.