Brand building.

Gag me. Oh, well: I made a Facebook page. It's not a "fan page" anymore, technically, seeing as Facebook did away with those. But it's still borderline — oh, who am I kidding, completely — narcissistic. However. As someone who preaches having as many ways as possible for people to reach you, it seemed silly not to have one.

The idea is not only to keep people updated on new entries and other site updates, but also to post cute, fun, semirelated photos, videos and outside links. We are deepening the Paige Worthy experience. Actually…forget I said that.

So, if you are so inclined, there's a little box over in the right-hand sidebar, or you can just click here if you do, in fact, "like" me. Or even actually like me — no quotes.

If not, keep calm and carry on.