Drink it in.

Doing Kay Ballard's show, Women Are Not Funny, yesterday was a fantastic time. Except for the beginning, where I didn't really realize that I was already on the air — because Kay was late for her show, for the first time ever, it would seem — so I was cursing to myself that I'd likely screwed something up dialing in to the conference line. The people who had also called in already got to hear my very choice words and the ensuing confusion when Kay finally got onto the phone. And, of course, no one could warn me that I was cursing all up and down a hot mic, because all the listeners were muted. Cool.

Ah, the stumbles on the road to stardom.

We really did talk about grocery shopping, and somehow it worked out pretty well. She said some amazingly sweet things about me, including the fact that I was like her "adult Nancy Drew." Which, really, I'm not sure what that means. But I read all the Nancy Drew books when I was younger — I have first editions of nearly all of them — including my favorite, The Moonstone Castle Mystery, which was my favorite because of her outfit on the cover, go figure — so I'll take it as a compliment.

Kay mentioned earlier in the day, in an e-mail, that she'd been going through a bit of heartbreak herself recently. Seems a lot of people I know — a lot of friends, random Twitter contacts and people who occasionally comment here — are going through breakups and sadness this summer. I blame global warming. But the highs wouldn't seem quite as high if we weren't dragged through a bit of mud on the way up, right?



Well, listen to the webcast of the radio show if you'd like, if you didn't get to do it yesterday. It's here.

Three more work days until that first taste of freedom.