"I'll give you a grown-up…"

So, friends.This particular blog — vie-vernelle.blogspot.com — is about to be no more.

Over the weekend, I decided to make my blog a grown-up and purchase WORDPRESS HOSTING. So I'm in the process of "migrating" my "content" to the new site, as the grown-ups say. Please update your bookmarks, if I may be so bold as to assume you have made those, to www.paigeworthy.com, and bear with me as I learn how to use this new system.

I'm lucky my head didn't explode in the process of purchasing said hosting, and I'm also lucky my little computer survived the weekend. Saturday morning, I made a heroic recovery from my weepy mess of a Friday night and decided to make muffins. These muffins, in fact. The recipe was on my computer because I'm too cheap to buy new cartridges for my printer, which works only sporadically even when it does have ink in it.

Making muffins: Great idea. Saving paper not printing recipe: Great idea. Mixing sloppy moist ingredients with a lazy, sleepy arm, with a really expensive laptop within said lazy arm's reach: Really, really stupid idea. I knew this.

Still, I watched in horrified slow motion as a gloppy mixture of milk, canola oil, white sugar and egg sloshed out of my stainless steel mixing bowl and on to the top half of my keyboard. It was far too early to break out the vocabulary that escaped my lips just then, but it couldn't be helped. The neighbor's bird upstairs squawked. I cleaned up the wet, egg-y mess as best I could, jotted down the last of the instructions on paper and turned on Car Talk in lieu of the music I'd been playing from the laptop.

Hours later, after I'd eaten my Muffins of Disaster — which were delicious, despite the peril they inspired — I returned to the scene of the crime to find…scrambled eggs. All up in my keyboard. Uh. Disgusting. The power source had gotten so warm that it actually cooked the eggs.

I spent much of the next day plucking the keys off the buttons of the keyboard, soaking them in hot water, flicking the crust from around the connections and replacing the keys when they were clean. That made for a fun Sunday afternoon. Not.

Anyway. Update your bookmarks. Please don't stop reading. There is much to be done here, but I won't stop writing.