Oh, life.

Overwhelmed. I have the cold from hell. My sinuses are in a vice grip, I can hear only out of alternating ears and my singing voice is nil.

I'm living between two apartments. Most of my clothes are still in the old unit, where the floors have been overrun with dust bunnies and littered with scraps of paper and coins I dropped a year and a half ago. All my food is still there, too, which is fine. Considering none of the utilities have been connected downstairs. And yet. My bed and most of the furniture is already in the new place. So the Knight and I are sleeping in the "guest bedroom," with no window treatments and a headboard that bangs against the bare walls every time we move because it isn't anchored to the bed frame yet. I dragged the entire bed downstairs on Wednesday afternoon. By myself. On a sick day. Because it seemed foolish to be at home and not do something.

The tasks pile up around me.

I have a huge project at work that's due March 8, but it's overshadowed by the deadlines that constantly loom over our heads. And I refuse to work from home.

My Google Reader shows 629 unread blog posts, forebodingly bolded to mock my inactivity, and I shudder to think of all the decorating tips, recipes and comedy I've been missing out on during this past week and a half. I may have to wipe the slate clean for the sake of my sanity. If I missed something brilliant from you, leave a comment.

On top of all this, I've had to memorize a new phone number and learn how this daft iPhone contraption works. I ditched my Kansas number — the one I've had since early high school — and finally became a full-fledged Chicagoan, 312 area code and all. The phone itself? It's like having a newborn. I fell in love with it instantly, but the learning curve is steep. (Lesson No. 672: The iPhone alarm doesn't work when the unit's powered down. It was nice to sleep in today.) The keyboard is smart, smarter than me, and sometimes knows better than I do what words I'm trying to type. I'm running the battery down in a matter of hours downloading new apps and marveling at its vast capabilities.

Over. Whelmed.

This weekend: Mardi Gras party. Moving the Knight's bed. Beginning the great book migration of 2010 across Welles Park. Valentine's Day dinner. Some other Valentine's Day things. Breakfast in bed (prepared upstairs, carried down). Organizing. Painting. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Oh, and takeout until the gas company connects us late next week. But at least we'll have cable.

Happy Friday. I miss you all.