I'm on a boat. Et cetera.

I'm a member of this website called 20something Bloggers. It's just what it sounds like.The site's tagline is, "The Bloggers with the Most to Say." I do have a lot to say, but there are many days when I just want to delete my account and go rogue. Or whatever. I've met a few lovely people through 20sb (Birdy and Apron, here's lookin' at you), but mostly? I'm not good at being a blogger, twentysomething or otherwise. I'm just good at writing in my blog. BLOGGING apparently entails giveaways and gimmicky theme posts like "Good Deed December" or "Wacky Photo Wednesday." (Kill me.) And message-board readership jockeying. And...having guest posters during vacations. I'm bad at blogging. Because I don't want to surrender this space to things like that. It feels cheap. It's not what I do. Plus? I'm coming up on the upper end of twentysomething (I'll be 27 in a few months...Jesus), and reading most blogs on that site is like going back to my old LiveJournal. From before I started college. Ick.

So. If I want to come up with something contrived to put here, I'll at least do it free form, with no alliterative suggestions or prompts from the blogging gods. And I'll write it myself. And I don't have time to write on one more message board to get one more reader who leaves comments only to get me back to their own blog. Happy New Year, right? All this snark could stem from my knotty exhaustion after an an overheated five-hour plane ride. And it could be that people are running up and down the halls of our hotel in San Juan screaming obscenities at each other. Or that I was just forced to eat Subway. In Puerto Rico. I'm getting on a boat with my family tomorrow, and I plan to disconnect from the blog, from Gmail, from Facebook, from my life as I know it, as much as possible for the next nine days. I could have asked friends to guest post for me, but I'm a control freak. No one gets to write here but me.

So please, don't give up on this site in my absence. Even though I won't troll for readers on some website, it still warms my heart to see a spike on my stats on the days when I write. I like triple digits and I like comments. And I like you. This blog's going to be pretty quiet for the next week and a half or so, but I will come back. And I'll pour forth the soupy emotions and flowery descriptions and tales of family drama when I return. Promise.