Eyes on the road.

I am experiencing stabbing hunger for things I know are terrible for me. So, in addition to the time management skills this month-long challenge requires, it also demands a serious restructuring of what I eat.
And at least for the first part of this week, it is a Herculean task to consume healthier things. (Produce, whole grains, fiber-rich food — what's that, right?) I'm traveling for business, and anyone who has done it knows how tough it is to stay nutritious on the road. Especially when the friend who lives in the town you're visiting knows all the best restaurants. And wants to do drinks. And volunteers to chauffeur you around town. And highly recommends the "Cajun popcorn" at the nearby supper club. By the way, that's deep-fried crawfish tails, served with a spicy remoulade. (Yeah.)
But it's all workable. Instead of renting a car at the airport to get me around, I booked a room as close to downtown as possible and am walking everywhere I need to go. And there are always healthier options at restaurants: Last night, at said supper club, I had a glass of sparkling wine instead of a sugar-heavy cocktail, Cajun grilled trout with steamed broccoli instead of fried chicken (sigh) and split dessert with my friend. (What? He insisted.) No Equinox in Ithaca, N.Y., but the hotel has a gym with a treadmill. And plenty of hills to walk — and I might never have noticed the bus system in this city before I gained this hyperconsciousness about transit and getting around.
Adjusting to a new lifestyle, I'm finding, is a lot tougher than saying, "I'm going to make this change and stick to it." Because life always get in the way. But I'm also finding this is just as much about being aware of what I'm eating and the level of activity I'm maintaining as it is actually DOING it.
Instead of accepting that it's difficult to be good to myself while traveling and tossing back that burger without thinking, I'm really scouring the menus to find healthier options and, if I do succumb to the burger, eating less and substituting the fries for mixed greens or the house vegetable. Taking the easy way out is not it anymore.
Looking forward to getting back to Chicago, back to my fledgling routine and into the gym for my second week on the Low-Car Diet.