Here's the thing: I started this blog thinking it would encourage and shelter my higher literary pursuits.
A place where I could write occasionally when I was stricken with an acute bout of brilliance. It was not intended to be a daily "blah, blah, blah." But good writing takes practice, even if it isn't poetry.
The night I met my boyfriend (le sigh), he told our guitar class — I'm paraphrasing — that the way to start learning and get better was to hold the guitar every day. Just leave it out, right by the couch, and pick it up.
So? The guitar is there. In plain view. And mostly it just sits there, because I'm afraid of it. (That's more writing for another day.) I rush past it when I'm doing the six million things in my life that aren't playing guitar. But it's there, I guess, ready when I am.
And it feels some days like I do the same with this blog, tweeting and Facebooking and doing all the other things that tell people I'm alive but take almost no effort.
But unlike the guitar, I'm not afraid of writing; I just don't make the time. But now I have to, and I'm going to like it, dammit.
So what better time to make this affair a bit more…quotidian? I'm going to cross-post the entries I write for the official Low-Car Diet blog on here, in part because I like to have a personal record. And in part because unless they're planning a major redesign in the next couple of days, the site is claustrophobic and cumbersome, and I worry about my posts not going through. (And because I'm a control freak.)
Enough: Here's Day 2.

The biggest struggle for me in all this won't be the strenuous exercise or adding in the foods Dave recommends; it's going to be making room in my schedule.
My dance card was full before I embarked on the Low-Car Diet — an hour and a half commute followed by dinners, Yelp events, catch-up drinks with friends, a relationship in there somewhere. All that added up to a lot of late nights that didn't leave much room for the healthy stuff. (Healthy? What?)
Well, it's adjustment time. And it will take some serious finagling (and learning how to say "no"), because while I like being busy…this is CRAZY. Yesterday evening was a mad dash through downtown Chicago: Pick up my Berry Chill Culture Club card from State Street, hit a prearranged appointment, coordinate my membership at Equinox on Michigan Avenue, grab some produce from Potash Bros. Market in the Gold Coast to curb my mac and cheese craving. (GOD, there's a Feast downtown. I had no idea!) I didn't get home until after 10… Hope my boyfriend likes dark circles.
The good news: It's incredibly easy to get around; the rush hour buses were frequent and fast yesterday, getting me everywhere I needed to go. (The 125 Water Tower Express ROCKETED me to Grand and State from Ogilvie!) For once, the CTA served me well on a day I really needed its help.
Today, though? I'm a zombie, halfway dreading my first workout of the month at Equinox. But it's Friday — I have time to rest up, nosh on some Berry Chill and enjoy a class this weekend before next week starts. I'll be traveling for business through Tuesday and am looking forward to exploring Ithaca, N.Y., on foot and by bike and bus during my free time. No Berry Chill in the Finger Lakes, but I'll manage!
Going forward? It's time to grab the BlackBerry and spend a little quality time making my schedule work with this commitment. And after this month is over, I think the routine will feel so good I won't want to stop.