Nerd alert.

Just after lunch, my publisher pulled me over to proofread some display copy on a video we're about to go live with on our website.The following is a conversation I had with our web editor.

Me: Yep, that all looks fine. Spring definitely has a lowercase s. WE: OK, well — Me: Hey, that actually looks really nice. WE: Thanks? Me: Great font pick, man. That looks like…I don't know, Century or something? WE: Actually…that sounds about right. Me: Heh. Yeah, I'm kind of a font dork. WE: … Me (inner monologue): God, I'm awesome. This is why I get all the dates.

Crafting my personal calling card skill set:

  • heartbreaker
  • window shopper
  • typo assassin
  • font sleuth

Who wants to hire me?