Villa May Pizza: May 18, 2008

As I write this review, I am munching on leftovers (two scrumptious edge pieces and a slightly-soggy-but-still-delicious center piece) from yesterday's Villa May delivery order. If only pizza could be my muse for every review... Last night, I was simply along for the ride as my friend decided where to order food — I was on his turf -- so this place sounded as good as the next. It'd been a long day and I just wanted food, and I'm out of my comfort zone ordering anything but deep dish.

(Side note: I was recently involved in a somewhat heated New York- vs. Chicago-style pizza debate, and I heard it said that any pizza not cut into squares wasn't even worth discussing. Whoa.) Not even an hour after ordering, the pie arrived, still piping hot — a true test of delivery pizza. a bag? Whathafa. Yes, our pizza came in a bag. If I'd fetched that thing from the door, it would have buckled and wound up on the floor. I don't know how to deal with pizza that doesn't arrive in a box, man!

We ordered an obscenely large pizza to ensure we'd have leftovers, and though I doubted this decision at first, I'm certainly not regretting it now. Hell, it may even be better the second time around! I did some damage last night, but I practically INHALED those leftovers. My half had fresh spinach, Italian sausage and pepperoni. Add that to perfectly crunchy, flaky crust and just-sweet-enough heaven.

I want more. Bring me another bag, sir!