Sura Thai Bistro: April 23, 2008

What an evolution.
The first time I ate here, Sura Thai Bistro was still BYOB and had been open for roughly six hours. It was a hot mess. Great food, yes. Good company. Packed to the gills. Worst. Service. Ever. Waiters were litearlly tripping over each other they were so overstaffed, yet among the servers quintuple-timing our table, we still couldn't manage to get our bottle of sparkling wine out of the damn cooler and uncorked at our table. We had to ask four different people.
My second time was an improvement. Liquor had been added to the menu, and the Yelp Elite Squad had been called in. Servers had sharpened up, Beyonce was jumping around on the video wall projection and everyone was seriously digging the space-age egg chairs hanging by chains from the ceiling.
And the third time -- a first date -- was a charm, in every sense of the word. Lovely company never hurts the dining experience, but it seems all the kinks have been worked out here.
Perfect mood lighting.
Cheap bottles of wine.
Lightning-fast food prep. Actually, maybe they need to fire their expediter -- our entrees came a little too quickly, before we'd even finished those delicious Golden Chest Fritters!
Tons of attention from a lovely server who was JUST chatty enough.
Nobody gave us an odd look when, after finishing our bottle of wine, we sat in those hanging egg chairs for a good five minutes and just spun.
Then we stumbled out of the restaurant, half drunk, half dizzy and completely thrilled we'd done so well picking a place to kick off our night.