Jury's: May 9, 2008

Friend: "So, where's this guy taking you?"
Me: "Oh, this place called Jury's. He grew up in Chicago and say it's a total hole in the wall."
Friend: "Huh. And...is that enough to impress you on a first date?"
Me: "I mean, no. But he says the burgers are amazing. ::shrug::"

And so it was. I entered Jury's with an open mind and hopes for a damn delicious burger.
What a bizarre little place. Despite the fact that I've lived a kaiser roll's throw from this joint for the past eight months, my only previous experience has been walking past and gazing curiously at the banner proclaiming it the winner of many burger awards. Who knew.
The interior's a strange mix of Irish pub, diner and old folks' home, but it all adds up to a bustling neighborhood joint that attracts young and old — and even some local celebrity.
And, yes, damn delicious burgers. And steak fries that remind me for all the world of my favorite burger joint in Kansas City. (Oh, memories.)

I guess, in the end, I can say I WAS impressed. The company sure didn't hurt — even if he is a Sox fan — but what I expected to be an uninspiring hole in the wall wound up proving itself as a real diamond in the rough.
It's enough to make me curious about what's lurking behind those other plain doorways along Lincoln...