Greek Islands: March 14, 2008

My memories of the Greek Islands go back to before I can remember.
Wrap your mind around that one. Like a pita around gyros.

The first time I came here, I was probably 4 or 5 years old and still blissfully unaware of what was in those gyros, wide-eyed with wonder at the flaming cheese, yelling "OPAAAAAA!" with abandon at my grandma's example.
Except that I now know what's in gyros (lamb and beef) and I don't need my grandma to tell me how to say "opaa," few things about this restaurant have changed since the first time I went there.

I think they remodeled a few years ago (it looks gorgeous!), but the food is the same simple glory it always has been. Fresh, hot pita bread, wonderful hummus and cold appetizer dips, a peasant salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, Greek olives and feta cheese, a plate of gyros big enough for five people to share... (My sister and I learned the last part the hard way.)
Our service was terrible the last time I was there, and I got food poisoning from SOMETHING I ate there once (I'll blame the saganaki), but if you're in a hurry when you're there, you've come to the wrong restaurant. This place is all about lingering over a HUGE meal with a close group of friends or family and eating yourself sick. Or maybe that's just me.

Go. Be Greek for a day.