Tango Sur: December 21, 2007

I'm sad to say my first experience at Tango Sur was less than stellar.

First, the goods:
We were underquoted for our wait time — major points awarded for taking cell phone numbers and allowing you to go grab a bottle of wine from Que Syrah or drinks from Take Five or Cullen's while you wait — and had a table after 20 minutes.
Our service was wonderful.
And the prosciutto with melon appetizer was divine. Just as delicious in mid-December as it is in the heat of summer!
All the flavors in our entreé (Bife Vesuvio) were balanced perfectly.
I had a lovely date and a beautiful bottle of wine, and we had a table in the corner where we never felt rushed to finish our meal and get out.

The not-so-goods:
I burned my thumb striking a match to light our candle. Which they should have done but didn't. (But the burn's my fault.)
The tables surrounding us were filled with self-important finance guys shouting over one another to be heard. We could hear them (very clearly), but apparently it wasn't enough for them.
The salads that came before our steak were ridiculous: big pieces of lettuce, four slices of mealy tomatoes and a few pieces of sliced white onion. And bottles of oil and vinegar.
Maybe that's Argentinian tradition, but I sure didn't like it.
The aforementioned lovely date and I are no longer dating. (Also my fault.)

And the bad: Our steak was huge (some people see that as a good thing) but lukewarm at best, and unevenly cooked.
The spinach was nearly cold and cheese practically returned to its solid form by the time it came to us, and the potatoes were overcooked and dry. It just didn't live up to all the rave reviews I'd read and heard, including the praises my beef-loving date had sung while we waited.

A note on reservations: You can make them if you have more than seven people in your party.