Bistrot Margot: January 7, 2008

Une pomme frite essayait me tuer.
Translation? A French fry tried to KILL ME.

During my dinner Saturday night with an out-of-town friend at Bistrot Margot, everything started out parfaitement. The red walls and black-and-white art on the walls feel lovely and cozy, and the tiny ceramic tile floors add a certain…je ne sais quoi. Those little tiles do get incredibly slippery during the dinner service, though. (Attention!) We were seated at a tiny table underneath the staircase; it was dark and hard to read our menus, but it was a lovely spot to catch up.

Our server was incredibly informed about the wine list and had opinions on favorite menu items. He was charming and just talkative enough to keep us entertained, but not enough to bother us while we chatted.
He recommended a big, jammy Malbec (Catena, $49) to go with our dinners, and I ordered to satisfy my week-long craving of steak-frites. I decided so hastily that I didn't check to see how it would be served, but it turned out to be some kind of ridiculous herbed garlic butter. Drenched in it.
But that wasn't the worst part. The delicious-looking fries were crispier than I'd expected. Murderously crispy, as it turned out. Trying to be proper, I skewered a few with my fork and tried to bend them into my mouth as I so often do. I was surprised and pained to find they didn't have the give I expected, and one of them shot underneath my tongue and punched a hole in my gums. Sacre bleu!

So, while that put a damper on my dining experience, my friend loved his entrée, the skate wing with roasted potatoes. Determined not to let my oral injury completely taint the meal, we ordered two desserts — what luxury! I had the terrine de chocolate, served with white chocolate and raspberry drizzle (and what tasted like canned whipped cream? seriously?), and my friend had the Grand Marnier bread pudding. Which was absolutely delicious.

A nice experience overall, but I was still healing (and smarting a little) three days later.
I may take my scarred mouth to sample a different bistro next time.