Hot Chocolate

I cannot NOT love this place. It would be contrary to the essence of Paige. I mean...I like hot things. Boys, showers, that kind of thing. And I like chocolatey things. Bunnies, showers (what?), that kind of thing. My adoration for Hot Chocolate, then, is pure logic.

This place gets packed on weekends for good reason. Fantastic, ebullient service — shout-outs to the super-hot, charming Doug and the scripted but terribly descriptive Sonny — and just-how-they-described-it (but still pleasantly surprising) food.

Yes, it's expensive, but you get what you pay for. Restaurants of this caliber don't need to offer Cheesecake Factory-size portions for a good value.

If there had been much more of my seasonal cherry dessert on the plate, I might have vomited on the spot. From sheer bliss overkill or sudden diabetic shock. You pick. (Or maybe both.) The espresso I ordered, however, was about two shots too many and about sent me through the roof.

Over the past (neverending) winter, I tried the homemade Oreos (WHAT) and Mexican hot chocolate, both of which were as droolworthy as the aforementioned Doug who brought them to me.

On my next visit? One of those juicy burgers with fresh, house-made potato chips. And ketchup in a cute little white dish. For some reason, that just makes a difference.