I'm a Senior Ambassador with India Hicks. I never expected to find myself part of a direct sales business — and love what I'm doing so much. But here I am. Read my story below. Who knows…this could be your next big opportunity, too.

The pitch

In November 2015, I showed up to a party at a bar in West Town. I was promised free appetizers and an open bar — no hard sell, no spiel, no long sales pitch.

The party — "Get Together" is actually the preferred nomenclature, I've since learned — was for India Hicks, a line of lifestyle products launched in early 2015 by the brand's namesake.

India Hicks is the daughter of interior design icon David Hicks, granddaughter to the last viceroy of India (hence the name), and second cousin and goddaughter to Charles, Prince of Wales. Which puts her somewhere (way, way) down the line for the throne.

Because of course she is.

She, like Mary Poppins before her, is practically perfect in every way.

After a successful career in modeling and many years designing collections of bath and beauty products, bedding and jewelry in partnership with other brand names, she launched her own brand. And that's the story so far.

I love India's story so much.

The hook

All it took to get me on board was a look and a touch, the brush of my fingers against a single Italian leather clutch in a fiery cherry red, a matching leather tassel dangling from the zipper pull. (Okay, and several glasses of wine from the aforementioned open bar.)

After hearing her story, and seeing the products for myself, I was a believer. And after a lifetime of looking down my nose at direct sales operations, I was suddenly part of one. All thanks to a simple Facebook invitation from a former writing teacher who had become a Style Ambassador just months beforehand.

The rest

People think it's uncharacteristic of me to be involved with this brand, but really…I like nice things. I like beautiful things. And I love nice, beautiful things created in the spirit of empowering and advancing other women.

India Hicks, to me, feels like a new breed of direct sales that's not about boosting some unseen mogul's bottom line but instead about extraordinary women building a brand for other extraordinary women.

Yes, hosting Get Togethers and hopefully, ultimately, bringing other women into the fold as fellow Style Ambassadors, is part of it. That will always be part of the "game."

But more than selling the "stuff," I'm excited to get in front of other women (maybe even men someday, too) and share the stories of these products I've fallen in love myself, and the story of the brand itself. And I hope that in hearing the story, and with little more than look and a touch of a single beautiful thing — just like me — they'll become believers, too.